EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: Quality excellence is what
separates us from the rest


Quality control is very important to Greenway. Our supervisors main responsibilities are to ensure that the service requirements as specified in the scope of work is maintained at all times. Our clients are absent when we work and the key to quality control is supervision. Our supervisor/personnel will constantly monitor the service at our clients premises with a written inspection report.


Planning is crucial to quality control in the business service industry. The first step in effective planning is to set quality standards for each building cleaned. These standards are ultimately based on the cleaning specifications of the contract, which are usually expressed in terms of tasks to be performed and the frequencies specified.

a. Cleaning Frequencies

Frequencies for each task and area of the building should be thoroughly discussed and agreed with the
client before the contract becomes effective. This ensures that both parties are in agreement with the

b. Identify Client Standards of Quality

Greenway is a client driven company, we identify and respond to the need of our client’s by providing a high quality standards of cleaning to their satisfaction.


a. Inspections

Regular inspections will be performed without the client after work is completed by our supervisor. The regional management personnel and site supervisor will conduct a follow-up inspection with the client.

b. Inspection Reports

Will be completed by the regional management personnel and site supervisor. Reports will then be returned to the director of operations for evaluations.


An effective follow-up system corrects any concerns identified during the building inspection. The follow-up system is proactive. It identifies and corrects service deficiencies. Comparisons of current inspection reports against previous ones are made routinely to ensure that deficiencies in particular areas are not recurring.